Wednesday, March 10, 2010

File under Anecdotes, pt 8.

The best story Murray Stenson has told me so far.

So I've worked the past two nights and have to work tomorrow so I went out last night and had a steak at the ZigZag as I've been a fan of it lately. At one point of a downtime I asked advice on a work situation and the stories were amazing. The best one is as follows....

At one point in time he was working for a place that is now a well established french fine dining establishment, but at the time was a Yugoslavian family owned place. Apparently one of the bartenders lived on Vashon Island and was a guy with a very nice collection of silk ties from the 50's. However living on the Island he was always trying to leave as soon as possible to catch the last ferry, and I'm sure ferry service then is not what it is now. So as he's closing and finally finished he runs to the office and bends down and throws the money in the safe and slams the door shut and turns the dial and tries to hurry away, but finds that he has locked his tie into the safe. The owners are the only ones who know the combination. To cut a longer story short he was forced to yell to someone to bring him a pair of scissors to cut his tie so he could make his ferry.

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