Monday, March 1, 2010

File under Anecdotes.

The bar I'm working at is lucky enough to be next door to a coffee shop that has free wi-fi that a number of people who frequent the neighborhood coffee shop like to use at the bar after the coffee shop is closed. I use it too. I love putting on a favourite jazz artist's Pandora and letting that be the evenings soundtrack. I don't have to worry about playing DJ, and the music is usually great.

However there were tech issues and the interwebz was down for the day and I had to play DJ which is beneficial from time to time. ANYPLACE THAT PLAYS THE SAME GODDAMN PLAYLIST EVERY DAY IS BORING!, and a formulated, poorly run establishment.

I spent a superchunk of the night playing a lot of my older favorite bands and everyone had a great time on industry night. No I was not playing Ministry all night, It was happy hour, all night, for everyone that works in bars, kitchens, or coffee shops.

At one break I thought about putting on Waxwing.

At our bar, I played music in town for 10 years as did my boss, and majority of our barback staff has worked at Easy Street. We kind of have an unwritten rule that we don't play bands from Seattle. Tonight however forced into DJ mode and having a local crowd I was playing some hits and almost threw on said mentioned band about 10 minutes before a member stopped in for a beer.... I'm assuming after practice from a current project.

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