Monday, March 29, 2010

file Under Anecdotes pt. 19.

I figured it out.

Unfortunately I am no longer employed by the SLMC. I just got back from Portland and Unfortunately My former rockstar energy drinking boss was informed of a bartender seen drinking after hours. My exboss is very hardlined alongside the wonderful business he runs better than anything I've ever been a part of. He and Will are primarily responsible people who have taught me everything I know aside of a few brown and bitter dashes. I want to jump the gun and say I have no animosity over everything. I was fired in January from another successful business for getting HAMMERED and allowing a neighborhood barstaff stay after hours and prettymuch finish whatever they wanted to do until the timer went off and the lights shut down automatically. Yup I was asking for it, losing 2 jobs for 1 offense. I was extremely tired. I overworked myself for the holidays and through the season I was more of a scrooge.

So here is my side of the story.

I wasn't asking for it.

We have a new 23 year old kid who worked his first training barback shift on Monday and maybe I was possessed by the Swaze and thought it was my job to make bad decisions. We created the Ban Kai Punch by using about 30$ worth of product and sold it at 5$ a glass and sold about 10-15 glasses. Made our money but the process left over alcohol to worry about.

I should have acted wisely and committed a sin and dumped it down the drain. Even though I feel thats a worste form of alcohol abuse. I have a +1 skill in freepouring and am usually very accurate to the point that every drop in the glass fills a cocktail glass to the brim. I'm starting to work on my Jiggering skills.

So back to the new Danson. I spent about 45 minutes going over every last detail in closing that bar down properly. In taking time now, I was hoping to make it easier on myself later. I hope that they give a girl thats become the fastest most accurate barback we have a chance and don't poach from another bar. That is bad juju. I have a friend who has worked 8+ years in fastfood to get thru college who can't leave his 24 hours a week there cause the money and the bennies are too great. He would be perfect.

So I thought it was a good idea to sit down with him and to force him to watch the movie Roadhouse. We also enjoyed the last of the punch. The purpose was for him to see this scene, which is a tradition amoung doorguys. Somebody told me he didn't seem very nice.

The owner had some business early before the coffeshop opened and saw we were there. Case closed.


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