Sunday, March 7, 2010

File under Anecdotes, pt 6.

I'm planning on being in NYC from May 14-18th for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. I had been putting of buying a ticket, because I've been trying to figure out accommodations. I have an ex band mate who lives in Brooklyn and while he's initially agreed to put me up, we had words yesterday regarding the fact that everyone in his house is in AA. Me and my old guitarist have done things that others dream and lived to tell the tale. Others sing songs of our deeds. He has been the good to my evil and vice versa. Thing is the tale is nothing that we're proud of so it stays untold. He chooses not to drink and that is as fine by me as the fact he doesn't is by me. Same as He's fine with the fact that I'm making a living slinging booze. Every time he comes back to town he usually stayed a night or two and in this case I was looking for reciprocation. However the idea of interruption and lodging for 4 days with a non drinking household might be as much of a downer for them as much as me.

We chatted it out and everything is fine and we caught up and we're (he's) looking forward to us getting together for some vegetarian food. I also have lined up somewhere else to stay those days.

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