Tuesday, March 2, 2010

File under Anecdotes, pt 2.

So I had a couple in tonight who were hearing-impaired, and I've learned the basics in customer service when in this situation. Hand them a menu to look over and use pointing. A simple hand in front of the mouth, then extended downward towards the person means "Thank You",They're hands are gong to be moving constantly so pay a little extra attention as to when they are looking for service, or another drink. However I've found them to be in a minimum, and have noticed that because their hands are constantly in use they tend to take thier time with beverages, not a big deal.

So after two drinks one closed out and headed out the door.....

I noticed the one who'd left had left a pair of keys on the bar, so I handed them to the friend that stayed and they ran after and got stopped by our little alcove with the mail slot where a door handle could be.

A moment after, our former doorguy (whom I got my break into the bar from) who was outside for a smoke, came back in to mind his Woodford.

"Wow" he said....
"They must have gotten in a fight"
"The first one got about halfway down the block before the other one came outside, looked around and then ran about 10 feet, made a very large noise and threw a fuckin pair of keys at her. They are still out there going at it."

I filled him in and we went back to our previous businesses as straight faced as possible until said person closed out and left.

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